A couple of old college buddies tip back some beers at Gaffney’s in Saratoga Springs, New York, during track season and discuss their passion for all things thoroughbred racing. In Saratoga, this common occurrence is considered a time-honored tradition and practically a rite of passage. The drink of choice, and venue may change, but the topic of conversation rarely does....

Having first met on the baseball field 20 years ago as teammates at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, we have remained great friends and shared many incredible experiences over the years; and now, we've become business partners. This is the result of one of those aforementioned conversations, on a classic Saratoga night several years ago, when our usual discussion about racing and its amazing culture went a step further; “How much fun would it be to talk about this all day, every day?”

That conversation laid the groundwork for a business endeavor. Now, many years later — following plenty of research and hard work — we are proud to present the Old Smoke Clothing Co. This is the culmination of our passion to develop quality clothing and merchandise that horse racing fans and those who love the atmosphere and lifestyle of racing will be able to enjoy.

Combining our love for the sport of thoroughbred racing with a thoughtful nod to its rich traditions and pageantry is at the core of our vision. We relish the opportunity to share these inspirations, not only through the designs of our products, but also through an engaging online forum. Through these platforms, we plan to share the fascinating stories of thoroughbred racing’s glorious past and its vibrant role in today’s sporting lifestyle which has captivated our attention for years. Even the company name is a homage to the game, as it recognizes John “Old Smoke” Morrissey, the founding father of thoroughbred racing at Saratoga.

In collaboration with top designers and artists, we have developed what we feel is an innovate line of high quality products that are rooted in the iconic symbols of racing and the racetrack experience. In doing this, we finally have the opportunity to share the vision we first discussed many years ago at Gaffney's; to tell the stories that we love through apparel that we want to wear. 

We hope you'll join us as we celebrate the Sport of Kings!

Welcome to Old Smoke Clothing Co.

– The Old Smoke Team

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