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Man o’ War. Gallant Fox. Secretariat. American Pharoah.   Poor Start? Sloppy Track? Gifted Foe? Unfavorable Pace?   Depends who you ask….   One thing is certain - many of the most...

THE 1863

With the help of a few friends, he created what we consider to be the greatest place on earth. Thank you John...


The wire is the setting for some of racing's best moments. Where victory and defeat, for horses and bettors alike, are juggled in fractions of a second...  


The origin of the blue canoe which sits in a lake in the infield of Saratoga racecourse has long been disputed. According to local legend, the canoe provided unlucky betters with transportation home to Manhattan via the Hudson River. True or not,...
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Grey/White 1A PATCH Trucker (W)

Perhaps the most common question asked at a racetrack on any given day is; "Why do two horses in this race have the same number followed by the letter A?”  The answer? This occurs any time more than one horse from the same barn is entered by...


100% of the profit from the sale of this product will be donated to The Jockey Club Safety Net Foundation in support of their response to COVID-19. To learn more about this initiative please click HERE.